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MGTOW Monk - Australian Judge WANTS to find Actor guilty....but evidence doesn't support her wants.

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Published on 08 Jun 2021 / In People & Blogs

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JustinPeanuts 4 months ago

The key issue to understand is the trend. The legal trend has been heading in one direction for decades. The legal system is always pushing for new laws to be retroactively applied. There is nothing to stop a state prosecution bringing a historical case against a man based upon current laws. Such a case can still ruin a man's life even if he is found not guilty because the judge finds that current laws can not be applied in historical cases. Only an insane man would engage with women in the current political-legal system.

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GhostPlodderES 4 months ago

Real done.

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MrA_H0Ie 4 months ago

Monk is the only reasonable choice.
Put the perfect woman together piece by piece. AI, dolls, top entertainers. No more is necessary.
The rest of whamen can be "strong and independent" for their entire life.

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Mgtow_economics 4 months ago

It's the Public Sector. The judiciary are NOT impartial, because they are compensated out of the public taxes. They need men to be enslaved.

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Lucifer333 4 months ago

Oh cmon, judges should work for profit? Then judge is not getting a piece of the action prolly he/she was raised (like already 3 generation) by single mothers feeding a toxic diet of manhate... the problem is not money...its weak cuck men who let this hsppen.

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MGTOWSTRONG 4 months ago

no, no, no, no, no.....

we just can't get laid and we've been hurt. We've just gotta man up and not feel entitled (obvious sarcasm).

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mgtowlive 4 months ago

what can i say im from australia men and monk for life freedom for life in other words liv free liv in peace men woman wanted to be left alone wish fucken granted now LETS ALL LEARN A LESSON NO MORE FUCKING WITH THE HOES

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celticgaurdian1400 4 months ago

When he said that men are no longer wanting to give CPR to a woman for fear of being accused; last time I was trained, the first thing we are taught is to understand the situation so as to not endanger yourself- i.e. Self Preservation!
Maybe next time you come back for another waltz around the sun you'll know better.

The team I work with are mostly wahmen and they've been trying to include the guys in the "after work get togethers" at bars, adult arcades, restaurants, pretty much places that sell alcohol every now and then, as it stands now I am the only one who does not go. Sorry, I'm not sorry, at this day and age talking with a wahmen even AT work could be grounds for sexual harassment.
I know they are trying to fish for info or to slide into my DM's after they convince me to create a social media account or get my number to text me. Jokes on them; not on social media and I have two numbers, one for my HR paperwork and one that I only give to my guy friends.

You ladies have finally managed to create something all on your own, congratulations! Enjoy the "fruit" of your labors.

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SOLID_MGTOW_MONK 4 months ago

Let them obsolete themselves, they practically already have and what's their outcome? At this point, it's already non repairable. Isaiah 4:1 In that day seven women will take hold of one man and say, “We will eat our own bread and provide our own clothes. Just let us be called by your name. Take away our disgrace!”

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gchase 4 months ago

Isaiah...written back in the day when there was such a thing as, 'disgrace.

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SOLID_MGTOW_MONK 4 months ago

@gchase: They'll realize shame again, just a matter of time when they do.

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mrghoster 4 months ago

Let the CUNT's destroy them selves and no YOU the MAN.We are the creator's the builder's the rational and logical innovator. Is it worth losing all that talent for a bit of crusty aggressive CUNT? My answer to that is NOPE! lol!

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mrghoster 4 months ago

I used to be a Company Medic, I took it seriously and enjoyed and wanted to help people? If a fefail needed CPR today, the cunt could die for all I care now. That is the impact Gynocentrism and feminism has had on ME. I'm a MGTOW Monk and I can pretty much fix or do anything to survive. so when I see a Hoe at the road side needing assistance I WILL drive on past, making sure it see's my smile and wave as I pass it? That is what Gynocentrism and feminism has done to ME! And I'm NEVER going to change NOW ever!

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The Man Inside
The Man Inside 4 months ago

This is nothing. It will get much, much worse.
What do these people think it is going to happen when even more men don't have access to sexual interaction with women?
The powers that be fail to understand the easiest way to keep a man "docile" is not to bend him, is to give him a wife with whom he can raise a family.

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Generationless 4 months ago

Exactly. The tighter they squeeze us, the more they will lose their grip.

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unclejuke 4 months ago

Monk for life!!!

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zdoctor 4 months ago


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The misandry and Men Hate agenda is real...

I'm starting to see it here in internal corporations intranet news too... Being implanted Very subliminally

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eldrazi317 4 months ago

That’s why I don’t waste my time with any news unless I’m trying to research something online and even then it’s best to go through multiple articles to get to the story right.

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