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MGTOW Monk - Adam KNOWS Eve.....

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Published on 16 May 2021 / In People & Blogs

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James1225 5 months ago

Beware, slapping a blond dyed hair buffalo can be bad for your health.

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GhostPlodderES 5 months ago

She's fucked when that ass is sagging down to her knees!

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Maxxx 5 months ago

See that look on her face when she realized the camera was recording? Priceless.

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Mustang 5 months ago

Man, I am so glad I'm living the MGTOW Monk Lifestyle!!! I dont have to put up with that drama and female B.S. every day.

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gchase 5 months ago

Not exactly a bad problem...

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sardonicsmile 5 months ago

She is worried she might be loosing her ONLY leverage in the relationship and is gaslighting/admonishing him to get back in line. Moreover, her ability to leverage other men into wooing her; when the time comes for her to monkey branch.
Guy should have played of this insecurity and NOT given her what she wants. He should have changed the subject and demanded when will dinner be ready? I'm hungry.

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Stinky_Hillbilly 5 months ago

Good point! Besides if he keeps slapping her on the ass, he's going to have to stop what he's doing and fuck the shit out of her or she won't let him along...

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