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MGTOW Monk - A SiMp and their BUCKS will be parted!!

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Published on 04 May 2021 / In People & Blogs

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FL_Steve 3 days ago

In a way that will happen. But it will be the guys making the $2k per simp that will be sitting on the simp's face.

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Edward Longshanks
Edward Longshanks 4 days ago

God bless the simps. Their meat keeps the grinder working around the clock.

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Johnny_Cage 4 days ago

I'll say Amen to that, Longshanks. I've come to realize the truth of this. Other than dealing with their envious and hateful conduct toward us, they are essential to keeping most women and the government from targeting us seriously. As long as these spineless SIMPs keep marrying and taking care of the used-up whores [that we fuck or used to fuck], that keeps them preoccupied and leaves us to enjoy our lives of peace and abundance.

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InfiniteMushroom 4 days ago

Staged, yes BBUUUUUTTTT.... the objective is to show that there are still video producers who put out this simp shit. Whoever made it wouldn't have produced it if there weren't still so many fucking SIMPS to watch it.

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sauger1001 4 days ago

Dude should've at least looked for a waahman wearing a dress, if he's going to simp THAT badly.

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bousso 4 days ago


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Maxxx 5 days ago

Lol these simps never learn.

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slapmonkey 5 days ago

Thumbs up tongue out. Prep for the shocker.

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gchase 5 days ago

$2k...then they can buy farm land in the Everglades. What a crock!

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Generationless 5 days ago


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zdoctor 5 days ago

IT ALWAYS MAKES ME LAUGH ....when men think things will ever change. . stop serving and walk away. . make your life a better place taking care of yourself only.

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tmax84 5 days ago

You are correct. After my divorce, I walked away 17 years ago and life has never been better. A female is nothing but a money sucking parasite. Better off without.

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JG123 5 days ago

@tmax84: Hi. Help. How the hell do you do that? I still feel so stuck in the middle of it. Female family still dependent on me. Is this walk out to less pop.? I don't know what work to do. My old job was in middle of a lot of woke/entitled fees.

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Lucifer333 5 days ago

Where do you get those snippets?

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