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MGTOW Ideas Are Going Mainstream

Published on 26 May 2020 / In Entertainment


⁣This video is about some important MGTOW arguments achieving popular support.

Dave Chappelle Joke:

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The_King_of_Poland 2 months ago

It's important to get the ideas out there to fuck up the elites' agenda for us regardless what we call it. The IDEAS are important.

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John_Doe 2 months ago

Be careful putting too much faith in the internet. If those in power feel it threatens their power more than the benefit they receive from allowing it to continue, they'll shut it down. On the runup to the Virginia protests, Governor Northam was looking into the feasibility of blocking internet/Wi-Fi access on the capitol grounds. Never came to pass, but just the fact he considered it is evidence enough of the mindset of the elites.

They ruled for thousands of years prior to the advent of the printing press. The printing press came along, became a thorn in their side, but they eventually gained control of print media. Same thing happened with broadcast media; radio and television. The internet is proving more difficult to rein in, but they're certainly trying.

At the end of the day they're willing to make cold, calculating, merciless cost:benefit choices. If they can't control or censor the internet, they already have contingency plans in place to shut it down should they ever deem it necessary to do so. Yes, it would hurt them; but it will hurt their opposition even more. They're already accustomed to and have historically controlled a broadcast world; they could return to it if they felt it necessary. Likewise, if even THAT proves out of their control, they can roll back even further to a print media-only world.

Like the Architect in the Matrix, there are levels of survival they're willing to accept.

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Johnny_Cage 2 months ago

Oh yes. Rock on, Brother. We're listening loud and clear.

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