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MGTOW - Feminism will bring down society

Published on 08 Jul 2020 / In Film & Animation


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MrJic 4 months ago

Great video and great thoughts, thanks

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scott sanger
scott sanger 4 months ago

feminism is a different way of saying communism.........the usa is going to have a dictator by 2026

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Ebenezer Eibenhardt
Ebenezer Eibenhardt 4 months ago

Marxism of all flavors seems especially well-suited to the destabilization and destruction of societies. Feminism is, afterall, just gender marxism. If you can successfully sell the narrative, the opposing sides will balkanize against eachother and ultimately won't settle until a divided state occurs.

Of all the marxist projects we're looking at today, feminism is not only the least tenable but the most absurd. If men and women can be brought to the place where they view eachother as such hostile and irreconcilable adversaries that they no longer wish to have anything to do with one another, that's basically the end of society. Ethnic divisions can be sorted out topographically. That's what happened in Yugoslavia. It wasn't pretty. Lots of people died, but it happened.

A marxist gender divide, on the most stable level possible, would require the foundation of a new matriarchal state, as well as the establishment of new female-supremacist policies. I can't say that no man would honestly subscribe to such a system, but even if they managed - through purely totalitarian means - to settle the complications that would naturally arise, the internecine attrition that would be endemic to systems where women compete chiefly against other women would quickly mount to a level this new society could not afford. Just look at classic 'battle of the sexes' scenarios on Survivor.

The chief lesson to learn from all this is that western society, especially women, have become so ignorant and decadent that they cannot realize that their self-righteous liberation movements are nothing more than socio-political sabotage tactics that they have committed themselves to at their own peril, devils to whom they have sold their very souls.

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