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MGTOW Exposing Female Manipulation

Published on 22 May 2020 / In Entertainment


⁣This video is about Foodie Calls, learning how to give things of value
to people, and removing people from your life who don't return the

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RaphaelMichaels 7 days ago

Women manipulate anything to their advantage. You marry them they suck the life out of the marriage and then destroy it for no reason. You take them out on a date they just use it to get fat and ditch you with the bill. It's just not worth it. Last time I paid for a woman on a date was at the zoo. She treated me like crap so I blocked her and haven't talked to her since that day. Women are just ungrateful; just not worth the problems

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Bagoodman 7 days ago

I think in todays world It should be just fine to be blunt and say upfront ( am I going to pay 100 bucks for dinner and go home with a handshake ? ?)) If she says yes a handshake Then she Pays HALF. Nuf Said. ** MGTOW Monk Forever **

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SQUEAK077 7 days ago

Free everything a woman was telling me how many men she had sex with in a week before me and she had a best friend who was not having sex with men but using them for rent car paying i mean just to be a friend talk about users the woman went onto marry have kids and get big... sick of how men are being used even the court system.

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