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Men, What's The Most Hurtful Thing A Girl Has Ever Said To You? (r/AskReddit)

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Published on 21 Oct 2020 / In People & Blogs

Helo frens;)
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Bagoodman 9 months ago

ILL comment first and then watch the video > The most hurtful thing a women ever said to me was .......I DO !

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cth96190 9 months ago

Females are cruel by nature and hate men, by instinct.
They genuinely enjoy hurting men in every way that they can, just because they can.

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Wolf178 10 months ago

Met this girl freshman year of high school in 1995. I talk with her and she tells me I'm really good looking and all but I'm not interested in sex but we can be friends. About a week later I look over her shoulder at lunch and realize she is reading a sex novel. So I say to her oh so you are interested in sex. She goves me a embarrassed look and tells me that she just uses that line to put guys off but keep them around. So I took it as a learning experience and stopped talking to her. Junior year this girl and I get involved with each other and she dumps me right before the dance that the njrotc had and went with someone else. It hurt she was my first kiss so yeah that sucked. Her friend came to console me. She had a boyfriend at the time. During The summer we have gotten close, at the end of summer her boyfriend broke up with her. He told me he knew I had feelings for her and to go to her he wanted nothing to do with her. So I did, i told her I had feelings for her. She says back I really like you bur im not interested in sex. Knowing what the contex of that line ment really mind fucked me. Honestly Senior year I now know I went thru the red pill rage 1.0

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Fangs13 10 months ago

03:20 wait until you meet an INFJ , you'll wish you died a thousand times once you mess with them. even women have no power against the psychic type.
the most hurtful thing i was told by a woman?
after helping her win in a contest .. she exclaimed she never needed my help, and she blocked me completely .. might i add her odds of winning were at best 20% out of 100?
i'm glad i never had any whores in my life ever, dying a virgin is very much satisfying!

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