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Men Are Their Own Worst Enemies #1

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Published on 25 Mar 2020 / In Film & Animation

⁣Men Are Their Own Worst Enemies #1

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Pardon 3 days ago

Tossers! Can't they see she's a WOMAN....every bit as tough and strong as a man, and able to beat up ANY man. Obviously, they need to go back to school/university as they don't seem to have learned that females are superior and can do ANYTHING a man can! If they don't believe all of that, they only have to watch tv or a Hollyweird film, they'll see NOTHING BUT women beating up villainous men and putting them in their place....and we KNOW that's all true to life, cos the feminists say it is.....oh hum.

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VulcanCannon 3 days ago

More reason for MGTOW and Redpill Knowledge. The teams of SIMPS piling on the guy for defending himself.

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