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Men Are The Problem! Women Should Be Respected and Valued! | Kevin Samuels Reaction

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Published on 20 Sep 2021 / In People & Blogs

Men Are The Problem! Women Should Be Respected and Valued! | Kevin Samuels Reaction

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mrghoster 4 months ago

Women and this "It's all about Money" thing? Isn't that what was once called "Prostitution"? lol! What happened to MEN and their personality where you women are concerned? what ever happened to guy's having nice things like a nice smile? or he is good at sorting problems or fixing shit for you? him going out doing a dangerous job and coming home to a hug or a small kiss even instead of being financially RAPED for hid efforts?

If you modern women are so great and have your own money WTF do you want a guy with money for? Oh1 I know so YOU don't hasve to fucking spend your because women are fundamentally "SELFISH". YOU CUNT's don't want a MAN for being a MAN you want him so you can heist him and take advantage, but MEN are not that stupid? Women only see MEN as what they are as failed women because YOU bitches think a MAN thinks like YOU so you project your own failings and Narcissism onto the MAN?

So I'm guessing when YOU say MEN are the PROBLEM, you are really letting slip that YOU are the problem and you won't admit it becaus eyou thing passing the buck makes it all right? Now tell ME am I RIGHT or am I RIGHT? Bitches? LOL! you have become so fucking transparent to us MEN you are becoming invisible! lol!

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mrghoster 4 months ago

Chivalry had nothing to do with women in the first place. all this knight in shining armor was a Victorian romantic ideal. Chivalry in it's true Medieval form was the Rules of the Horse soldier or Knight to "THE CHURCH", that's what the fucking Crusades were about, not fucking women! Chivalry is also where we get the word "Cavalry" from for the Horse soldiers of the armed forces.

Even the Victorian Ideal of Chivalry for the bullshit it was, depended on things like Honor and trust and Empathy, EVEN FROM THE WOMEN. So what is the point of the delusion of :Love or Chivalry if one side (The fefail) cant follow the simple and fair rules? Yeh women killed the illusion or delusion of Chivalry, but as with everything feminist they cant see it due to the sickness in all women's hearts? To have Chivalry lady's you need Virtue, something you have ALL lost to time.

   1    0
mrghoster 4 months ago

Bitch "RESPECT HAS TO BE EARNED" You deride and shame and blame MEN continuously for effectively NOTHING? the reason you do this is because YOU know you are inferior to MEN, always have bee, and always WILL BE. women know that deep in their Cold Black Heart's with no Empathy that they cannot EVER compete with MEN. Competing with MEN by NATURE is impossible and a waste of time (BY NATURE), you baby girls taker on NATURE then you are gonna LOSE every time. Shaming MEN is taking on NATURE, MEN are more NATURAL and CREATIVE than women, MEN are better and more caring and sympathetic with children and animals, MEN have Empathy because Empathy is a part of a thinking, rational, logical mind set, something fefails "Do not have", yep there may be one or two exceptions to the rules with women, like some MEN are faggot's nost are NOT?

all women will achieve is destruction and chaos look at our world right now? It's GYNOCENTRIC and fussy and alwaysd insulted or crying about some pointless shit. That is because it is run by fefail mindset's and the men that police it are Cuck's and frightened of offending some stink hole pussy somewhere?

One of tow things has to happen? Fefails come to their senses and stop being fucking SELFISH? or MEN will have to eventually reassert their power. Many of us already are by walking away, not just from fefails but the broken damaged Gynocentric culture that is destroying everything? with out one or the other we are "ALL TRULY FUCKED"

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mrghoster 4 months ago

Even Curie didn't invent radiation or whatever, Men under her instruction developed it all, there you have it the only thing a women was involved in creating was something that could fucking DESTROY? Hoe fucking IRONIC!

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mrghoster 4 months ago

Well as WE MEN walk away we are becoming in this women's view a PROBLEM. If MEN are NOT RelationSHITTING and dating how can a MAN be the problem to women? If WE are not there where's the problem? If you cant be lady like then MEN walk? Thus the problem is YOU the fefail?

the problem is we have 50 years of fefails that have been brainwashed into thinking they are special, entitled, independent, and all that Bull Crap, that they just can not see "NORMAL" anymore, put this in with their Narcissism and Mental illnesses that many of them have today, then it isn't looking good for the Lady's is it! lol!

MEN are blamed for everything even when they neither want you or to be around you? Is there a fefail that can actually LOGICALLY explain to us MEN how that logically works? Until women start to eat humble pie and realize they have been sold a Pup, then nothing will change, certainly NOT in the fefails direction? whereas MEN having thanks to feminism seen and been taught women's TRUE nature, he is walking and will continue to do so?

Men should dump women and go and buy that classic car or motorcycle he always wanted, tour the world, live life a little. with a fefail in tow you CANT live Gentlemen, you are a perpetual "PRISONER" to the whim of a Mentally Ill species! When I say mentally ill I mean the system and society that has created these unstable irrational being's. Women have always been Flawed as much as MEN are, we see this in the old movies, but this Flaw for the fefail has become the norn and they fucking live it nowaday's?

If I had a choice and HAD to take on a n especially Younger women I would take on a women from at least 50 or 60 years ago in personality over these soulless whores of today that only ever think of THEMSELVES, what they can screw out of people for nothing, the seek vertue in being a complete obnoctious CUNT and expect people to accept that from them? Then when people don't put up with their shit and hissy fit's they cry and go into hysteric's like a physically over grown five year old tantrum mind.

This is why MEN "Are NOT the problem?" the fefail is because it is all one sided and if you question them the fingers go in their ears and they go blah, blah blah and pretend not to hear you/ the fucking EAR's hear you perfectly it's their ignorance that makes then DEAF to everything? Peace Gentlemen.

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