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Published on 13 May 2021 / In People & Blogs

2 days till my bday ;D

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KEEPER 9 months ago

Georgia guide stones.
the goal is to kill off the majority of the worlds population by 2030.
i still don't think anyone should get the vaccine so long as it's still experiential.

for most vaccines it takes roughly 15 years of testing before it's released to the public, but because idiot ppl don't know this, they think they have to get it because their work says so.

are you really going to put your life in the hands of an experiential vaccine?

some ppl have died of it already, and some are effected right away and some are not effected until a month or 2 later or until they get their 3rd shot, also don't think you are immune just because you believe in god.

that just reminds me of the folks who say they don't believe in help outside of prayer and then end up dying because they were only thinking of solving their problems through prayer.

the bible puts warnings in the book all the time, the entire revelations talks about things you should worry about and pay attention to, i mean if you just want to go off of faith alone, you are ignorant and ignorance is bliss, but revelations warns of all this stuff and if you choose to deny the warnings and simply go off of faith, than you deserve what's coming your way.

faith in god is useless without works. meaning it's more than just putting your faith in god, you must also take action in his warnings as well. unless your view is to fully put god in control of your life to the point of death, than i guess god will also take care of you when you die as we will all die one day anyway.

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