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Marriage Is An Institution of Financial Exploitation Of Men For Female Benefit

Published on 01 Dec 2022 / In People & Blogs

It is socially acceptable for women to use men for their money and resources. They are hypergamous – this is the scientific term that means that they primarily mate with and marry men who are higher status and richer or have more assets/resources than them so that they can elevate their own status and wealth/resourcefulness, and then they continue to repeat this with other men, raising their status and wealth each time. No fault divorce law has facilitated womens ability to treat marriage and divorce as a financial transaction in which they are completely legally able to marry and divorce a man without any other reason other than to take half of his money. More than 50-60% of marraiges end in divorce, 70-80% of divorces are initiated by women, 85 to 90% of custody awards go to the women. Women using marriage and divorce as a financial scam to exploit a man for his resources is not only legal but socially acceptable, as women speak openly about primarily wanting a man for his money, and will tell each other openly to find a man who they can use for his money, women even teach their daughters to do this. All of the richest women in the world have made their money by either doing this, or inheriting it from their fathers.


Facts on the divorce biases:

The best way for women get rich is to get married and divorced:

Only 2 out of the 100 richest women made their own money, the rest inherited it from men:

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