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Man rescued boy from a daycare basement where a woman left him to die

Carl Wassermann
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Published on 09 Apr 2021 / In News & Politics

⁣Man rescued boy from a daycare basement where a woman left him to die

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Fangs13 26 days ago

nothing surprises me anymore ... whores don't care about lives, don't care about responsibility, they only worship themselves as gods. and don't give a shit about anything else. "suffers from mental illness" and is allowed to open a "day care" ... don't ask! YES WE HAVE GONE COMPLETELY MAD!
she should have been hung, or electrocuted, or sent to the fire squad, this creature is a danger, and has to die. 15 years is a joke.

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Wolf178 26 days ago

When was the last time a woman faced the death penalty. Yeah......

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Pale_Profit 26 days ago


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As a resident of Minnesota, this is typical: long wait for any hint of Justice (note the incident was 2016!); Perp was an immigrant and Wahman - so given a plea deal; no mention if the boy and his rescuer were Natural Born US White Males (which in Minnesota means below the Law). I know by experience that this goes beyond State or City. By design. US Military Veterans are - by illegal/ unlawful 'Law' below Civil Rights. Period. As in, assumed CRIMINAL if found out to have Honorably served. Much less if that Service was in Combat (87 percent White Male - even though less than 60 percent of US Military. And these politicians and their Public Union Employees celebrate this shit! And the ABA and AMA push forward more of it. Now, 'President' EleventyBillion says 2nd Amendment is not absolute and by fiat he can change? Interesting precedent, as it has far more years of "Jurisprudence" than 14th or 19th Amendment... And a much lower body count (e.g. 'Public Safety)... Just saying...

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theWarrior 27 days ago

16 months old? WTF!!! -the Warrior

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mrghoster 27 days ago

An example of how Entitlement for women is making women INSANE. we see here and in other vid's that they are out of control. with no exaggeration I have to seeing womerns insanity on a daily basis?

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Insanity implies no intent: I disagree. Just EVIL!!

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zdoctor 27 days ago

why does most women use mental health issues to avoid jail.......you know why......THEY DONT HAVE AND WONT TAKE ANY RESPONSIBILITY AT ALL .

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eldrazi317 19 days ago

You know what else can’t control it’s actions, it just is—an animal.

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Generationless 27 days ago

Do like Hitler did to the people that failed to assassinate him; Hang her with piano wire, monitor her until she's dead, then CPR her back to life, then hang her again, monitor her until she's dead,.......rinse and repeat.

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gchase 27 days ago

Hang her.

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