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Male Celibacy & Yogic content of the Bible - Celtic Yogi Julian Lee

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Published on 01 Nov 2020 / In Science & Technology

Recorded: 2010.08.02

Stumble Inn welcomes guest, Julian Lee. Astrologer, musician and father, who will be discussing music, culture, tradition, spirituality, moral self-mastery, and the creation of a morally, physically and spiritually strong, Western man.

From Mr Lee's website:

Bhakti-Yoga -- Brahmacharya -- Racial Protection & Resistance
God Is Bliss -- Pro-Family -- Anti-Drug
We live in various states of homelessness and semi-homelessness, valuing that experience and state.
Male Chastity Highly Valued (Brahmacharya) -- Pro-Christian -- Bhakti -- Shaktipat -- Non-Dualist
Ascetic -- Traditional Morality -- Ethnic Heritage -- Counter-Semitic
Eco-Positive -- Nationalist -- Meditation (a concentrated form of prayer) Gives God Knowledge
Against White Genocide -- Preservation of Natural Communities
Valuing Natural Brotherhood plus Supportive of Natural Marriage for the Qualified
Exponents of the Yogic content of the Bible, the Upanishads, and the Yoga-Sutra
Racially Positive -- Respect for Peoples -- Pro-White


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