Low Frequency

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Published on 16 Oct 2019 / In People & Blogs

Me talking about how most people are in low frequency, and what the symptoms of this brain washing system is

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mustno3 2 years ago

Dude just stop your pseudo science gas lighting bull shit or shut the fuck up. We need intellectuals in the community not morons whose only business model is to keep throwing around scientific words they know jack shit about.

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SaintEvrest 2 years ago

I know more than what you think, but thanks for commenting. :)

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SIGMA78 1 month ago

@SaintEvrest: Agreed. Trolls are Trolls, We just got to defeat them with facts. Block Ignore And Ghost as always. Pseudoscience is just a euphemism for spirituality that does not fit the deep state corporate corruption lamestream Pro covid-19 vaccine sign it is obviously the real nonsense. After all corporate atheism is itself a government religion that blindly worships the corporate science narrative . It’s mind boggling that spirituality is most attacked by all sides. Corporate pseudoshaming trolls are the corporate mouthpiece of the deep state narrative. It’s definitely pretty hypocritical is that atheist don’t think that spirituality is okay yet they are drawn to Satanism and demonolatry. The point is that corporate atheists think with their left brain while religious zealots use their right brain. Which spiritual people like you and me look at true decentralized non controlled science and we use both right and left brain.... It’s so disheartening is that many of these atheistic mouthpieces only go for the science that is not really science rather just another fake news big Pharma narrative. The problem with mainstream science is that it’s not always true or transparent. They even go as far as covering the proof of the spiritual law of consciousness with the double slit experiment and they create a fake bogus concept such as the many worlds interpretation theroy just as a cover story to explain away the undeniable spiritual fact behind consciousness. The deep state controlled main stream science asset as well as big pharma and big brother especially big daddy all join together against spirituality....They’ve been trying to cover spirituality up and remove it from the scientific curriculum for a very long time. Their agenda is obviously very diabolical. So how could somebody spiritually subvert people away from spirituality and into their satanic endgame? Well it starts with spiritual trauma within a religious setting into losing a science of true spirituality. Step 2 use corporate atheistic science to convince them into believing that there’s no spirituality, Then finally use Satanism to convince atheists that they are supposedly the only alternative that it’s their satanic way or no way at all which is their lies to push an agenda.

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