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LOOKS TRUMPS GAME‼️ #Automatic #DontNeedGame #LooksMatter #Attraction

Published on 05 Nov 2022 / In People & Blogs

Looks matter‼️ Men need to know women desire men sexually based on their physical appearance, not “Game.” No manipulation “Game” can make a woman desire you sexually if she is not sexually attracted to you based on your appearance. It is your responsibility as a man to understand the levels of attraction based on the “Black Pill” principles of looks, money, and status‼️ Make sure to sub to the channel and give this video a like 👍🏿.

This channel influences men to live a desirable lifestyle to fulfill their romantic desires with beautiful women in other countries outside of the gynocentric western society. The videos, share my journeys exploring destinations primarily in Mexico and other countries. As part of the passport lifestyle community, I emphasize men obtain a passport to travel to achieve their romantic desires rather than learn “game” and dating women in western society. Please contact me via Instagram Qbwillieb_ for any traveling consulting or tours.

Travel Vlogs 🌎✈️, Dating Coach Roast 🔥, Black Pill Logic 💊 - https://youtube.com/c/QBPassportFlexin

Instagram 📸 - https://www.instagram.com/qbwillieb_/

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