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Liberalism has damaged a great number of females beyond repair

Carl Wassermann
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Published on 15 Mar 2020 / In Pets & Animals

⁣Liberalism has damaged a great number of females beyond repair

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HarshReality 11 months ago


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tmax84 11 months ago

I don't agree with Ted Bundy, but I understand why.

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mrghoster 12 months ago

women are pure evil, they are irrational, illogical, emotionally flawed and down right fucking dangerous not just to MEN but society in general. Maybe this virus is the great leveler we need? the MGTOW MAN especially Monk can go their own way, the female collective mind I for one am already noticing is starting to impact the hive collective mind of the mentally ill females as they find out their Entitlement delusion is being challenged. Not by MEN but NATURE, yes nature the great leveler! where are the MEN going to be when these THOT's want us? even if they could convince us the ass fucking is over, I know I wouldn't help a female. I don't now so why should some bug make a difference? My indifference to females is fully in place.

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greekgod41 12 months ago

Society is now paying the horrific price of allowing mothers to have a say in raising children, because this is the result. Children, especially girls are to be raised by the father where she is to remain under HIS guidance and protection, HE is the one to teach her sound morals, and she is NOT to be allowed to go outside the room, unless she has a male escort provided at all times. She is to remain at home, until she is 18 years of age, and her Father will find a suitable Husband for her, she is to have no say in who HE chooses because men are the only ones who are able to discern correct male character, mothers are useless for this task, the result is what you see above in this video.

Once a suitable husband is found, she is to be transferred from under her Father's authority, and straight to be under her new Husband's authority, the mother has NO say whatsoever during this entire process, as children belong to the Father, NOT the mother , like in today's fucked up society.

If these steps are followed to the letter, society will once again be harmonious and beautiful, and you won't see e.g's of this out of control toxic witch

Am I serious here?, you're damn right I'm serious.....This is the ONLY solution that will work

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joe7213 12 months ago

olha o que o Estado fez com os homens!! A vagabunda tem a certeza da impunidade e sabe que ela é intocável. O homem fica impotente diante disso. é triste

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KEEPER 12 months ago

maybe kidnapping was the incorrect word to use lol but yeah the only way men can fight back is to get it on camera by any means necessary. even if your not allowed to record, record anyway.

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