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Legal Biases In The Judicial System That Favor Women & Go Against Men

Published on 30 Nov 2022 / In People & Blogs

The legal system is radically biased towards women. In any case in which the police are called during a dispute between a man and a woman the woman will usually find a way to play the victim and turn the tables on the man and the police will almost always side with the woman and be against the man, even if he was the one calling on her. Police will almost never press charges on a woman on behalf of a man even if she had done something obviously violent and illegal to him. In any court case the courts will usually side with the woman, in family court the rate of this happening is almost 100% of the time. Even when a female is charged with and convicted of a crime she will generally be shown great leniency and not be given the same punishment that men get for the same crime, or may avoid jail time altogether, or get off completely. Even for the worst crimes such as the rape of a child, women will not only usually get off with a slap on the wrist, but will be barely treated as a criminal at all, and the crime will be spoken of as if it wasn’t a crime – whenever a female rapes a male child it is not called rape, and she is not called a pedophile, as a man is, it is called “having sex”, “sexual relations” or worse yet even a “sexual relationship”. Thus women are able to manipulate the legal system in order to get away with criminal acts. Here are some cases to prove these points:

Studies show that judges are gender biased:

Skeptics analyze biases in the judicial system:

Men are more likely to be sentenced to prison than women:

Men get longer prison sentences than women for same crime:

Female teachers who raped their young boy students and it was not even called rape, sexual assault, or pedophilia by the media:






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