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Lazy Wife Frustrated Over "Chore Wars" With Hubby

The Realist Philosopher
Published on 13 Nov 2020 / In Entertainment

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hepennypacker 2 months ago

He should kick that nut OUT!

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Solid Snake
Solid Snake 2 months ago

What's the issue?
You're the woman: do what I tell you or get out of my house.

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sorearm 2 months ago

God these 'women' are fucking irritating

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SOLID MGTOW MONK 2 months ago

Hopefully her marriage isn't ruined again. Her cat will be on the streets.

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The Realist Philosopher

Also, follow me on bitchute to have access to "all" of my content. I only post content on MGTOWtv that is of a relationship nature. The rest is posted at www.bitchute.com/therealistphilosopher

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