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Larry Elder Explains Why He Doesn't Believe Systemic Racism Exists

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Timcast IRL
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Published on 14 Aug 2022 / In News & Politics

Guest: Larry Elder
@larryelder (Twitter)
www.uncletom.com (Website)

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InfiniteMushroom 2 months ago

His commentary and points do not matter. All that matters is that the JEWS want the hostile anti-White narrative that grows out of the "racist" charge. Negroes and other minorities are nothing more than political muscle for Jews. The Jews only care about the Negroes to the extent that they are useful weapons in their hands. A few Black Men know this but, they are few and far between.

The Devil's Deal between Kike Jews and Negroes is who gets what percentage of Whitey's property and place in the world. Unfortunately, Whitey is tied down by JEWdeo-Xtianity (formerly known as Christianity) and spiritually crippled. Jesus is NOT your friend. Jesus is NOT your Savior. Jesus does NOT LOVE YOU.

Adolf Hitler, and his inspiration, Henry Ford, is worthy of worship. Their Apostles, Joseph Goebbels, George Lincoln Rockwell, Dr. William Pierce, Matt Hale, Ben Klasse, and others are worthy of learning from. They sacrificed much to bring the Infallible Truth to you and in a way that is 100% understandable.

Adolf Hitler loved White Germany and gave his life for it. That's 1000x better than ANY U.S. politician at any time.

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