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Lao Folklore - Myths & Talkes from the East (26th July 2021)

Published on 26 Jul 2021 / In Film & Animation

⁣Hello ladies and gents,

Welcome to Dennis' Art Studio and Stories. In today's Livestream, we will be reading some stories from the far East in Laos. The other cultural background of my meat bag ancestry. The following stories will be read from the link down below. I'll be reading two tales on "The Spirits of the Cave" and "The Mountain Spirits and the Stone Mortars":


Both stories are sourced from Laos Folk-Lore by Katherine Neville Fleeson, with photographs by W.A. Briggs (1899).

I hope you enjoyed today's stories. I will be back soon for more art and stories streams soon in the future.

~ Art for Art's Sake ~

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