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Kevin Smith and the Masters of Self Obese Universe │Teela is Amzaing btw?

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Published on 28 Jul 2021 / In Entertainment

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art by - Suppa Rider

0:00 intro A lesson for smith
0:33 The one theme a war with fish (teela is amazing)
2:33 The Strong female template (the ballad of K-smith)
4:12 Smith lied Clownfish took the heat
5:07 The shera Teela song
6:00 My bad review (bean people)
9:38 Kevin Smith was shooting for an Empire strikes back twist
11:04 this is why starwars was hated
11:58 the race swap that meant nothing
12:25 The Negative backlash
13:28 The live stream fail (Grow up!)
14:28 Final thoughts

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Dadadamdam 2 months ago

Who cares about netlfix or Amazon prime anyways? Don't pay a cent to these streaming services and pirate their movies and watch it for free. That's what I'd do. Besides these people are crony capitalists anyways, not real capitalists. So we can hurt them financially how much ever we can and want.

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