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JORDAN PETERSON: Warning Against Hookup Culture (Mirror)

Published on 04 May 2021 / In Non-profits & Activism

Credit goes to Jordan Peterson.

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Maxxx 7 months ago

Interesting, they end up exactly as they mocked.

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slapmonkey 7 months ago


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Johnny_Cage 7 months ago

This has been my stance since age 16 or 17. From the age of 12-15/16, I watched the negative results of loveless fucking around at my various schools. Both the internal and external damage that is done is not worth it. Lust is supposed to be the precursor to a relationship built on actual love and connection/communion. It's sad that most young people don't [and haven't for decades] have the guidance of older people, older friends, and others to keep them from ruining their love-connection ability. This can rebound and resurge fairly easily for a promiscuous guy [when he meets a woman he truly admires and respects], but women seem to be essentially ruined forever. They can never really, completely, actually pair-bond ever again past 2 different men.

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