JAGUAR MEDIA - Updates: MGTOW TV Exclusive Short: June - July 2021

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Published on 24 Jun 2021 / In Film & Animation

Hey you monks and spunks,

This is just a quick update that I've covered in my previous Livestream. Since I return back to business and trade school (for career retraining) next week. However, I am happy to announce that the cat is back on Jaguar Media - Red Pill and Truth. I have other Jaguar Media channels which cover specific topics like Jaguar Media - Occult, Jaguar Media - Education, and Jaguar Media - Business, etc.

If any MGTOW wants to add me on Facebook, I already have befriended people like Rollo Tomassi, Tim Patten. A few other MGTOWs have also befriended me there. I don't mind if people want to reach out to me. I've been doxxed years ago and I am already public with my work anyway.

On a side note, I've decided to begin drafting my second business venture and have started brainstorming my third. Currently, I teach English to non - native speakers of the language. English with Dennis, Business English with Dennis, and Aviation English with Dennis will be up and running. I have been working on these channels plus the Red Pill one for the past couple of weeks. All I ask is that you are respectful of these channels as it's work-related.

~ Jaguar Media ~

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Bagoodman 1 month ago

Well Good Luck My Friend . 8^)_**

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