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The Mind Palace By Jo The Philosophe
Published on 21 Jan 2022 / In Entertainment

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Synuvoz 4 months ago

I'm gradually moving my stuff off from Google services. The golden age of YouTube was over and the platform died with it. The classical videos that made the website popular are now being deleted. The algorithm footprints will track users even if it's an alternative account or device. My 1st Google account would feature MGTOW content even though I only watch it on a different account and device. Disabling dislike count on videos isn't a surprise to me. They've done that before with the comment section. It's only getting worse as time pass, we better start taking action.

Bitchute, Odysee, and sometimes MGTOW.tv are now posting ads. This might be minuscule progress, but I'd say this is a significant accomplishment. There's a chance YouTube would fall within the next decade. So let's embrace altech!

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The Mind Palace By Jo The Philosophe

If it keeps going like this, it will fall. Try as they might to stop the truth but it will be delivered no matter who the messenger is.

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SchemeHub 4 months ago

Erasing all evidence, socialism = gg. I've never watched a single video of yours on SussanneTubem, yes I go on there still but that's only because some content creators have no alternatives. Everyone who switches to Bitchute a quarter of a quarter of their audience follows, if that. That is the extent of lazyness these days, is there some kind of antidote for that? or it is what it is lol.

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The Mind Palace By Jo The Philosophe

youtube is still the biggest platform in the world in regard to content media and a majority of people are still brainwashed. So I guess it is what it is lmao!

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Drums_McBashington 4 months ago

Also: subs don't always reflect actual watchers. People move on, don't disconnect. I deleted every video on bitchute before Christmas, Have lost less than 20 subs since.

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