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It's time for the rule of law in Australia.

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Published on 13 Sep 2021 / In Film & Animation

Fuck the Covid Cops, the Corrupt Politicians and the Health Department bullshit artists.

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InfiniteMushroom 11 months ago

The "law" is only as valid as the persons, procedures, and political motives involved to put it on the books. By that metric, I'd say that 80% of the laws are ILLEGITIMATE.

Australia will only be liberated by lots of BLOOD, VIOLENCE, and DEATH to TPTB. That includes brutal punishment to the Shabbos Goyim!

Look at the symptoms and you can be certain that nearly 100% of those symptoms and their causes are JEWISH. Fight the symptoms alone and it's like trying to fight a war on hundreds of fronts. NAME THE JEW and all those symptoms connect. Then you SEE THE JEW. When that happens, you'll only be fighting on ONE FRONT.

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eldrazi317 11 months ago

For all the shit people say about kids being dumb, those kids are the opposite of dumb XD

I’m glad that they have courage and will, in the end it’s all about what one authorize as good and true.

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