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Is It Time To Get Over Slavery? Black Liberals vs Black Conservatives | Middle Ground

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Published on 03 Jan 2021 / In Film & Animation

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Lucifer333 3 months ago

victim identity, it is for the weak, because communism

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Freeatlast 3 months ago

This topic is like trying to explain God. There are so many factors for each person that they have to deal with growing up. And every person has some situation that is totally different from others. I grew up in a family that had the basics to survive but not much more. As a kid, At the time, you can’t totally tell what is good and bad in comparison to others. My parents were both alcoholics, and there were some bad dynamics in the family. A lot of things I didn’t like in my life back then. By high school, I had issues in dealing with people and drugs. The main key to the change in my life was accepting Jesus as my savior and lord.
After high school I realized I had to do something about my life. I realized that drugs were a dead-end road. I also realized I need to get away from the alcoholic parents. I realized I need to work hard, and start living a really clean life. After that, I went to college on my own and paid for it myself. I worked my ass off whenever I could. Finally graduated and got a good job. From there the rest is history.
The whole thing is, I had to take charge of my own life, and work my ass off to get somewhere better.
People that don’t take account of their own life and their own problems, and choose to focus on their problems. Those people expect ask others to fix them, and provide for them because they have problems. People that do that stay stuck. Don’t know what else to say about it.

I realize the emotional problems I had from my history, I had to deal with it. I read books, I went to 12 step meetings, I went to counseling sessions and group sessions. I did this for five years to sort things out in my life. And it worked!
If you don’t face your problems, your problems will bite you in your ass! “12 Step Wisdom”.
PS. I am white, I have lots of friends that are black. There are a lot of white people that are the lowest forms of life I know. And I feel for my black friends that have to deal with lowlife SOB white people based on skin color.

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SOUKadath 3 months ago

Belonging to the pale male demographic, I'm not going to bother with this one. But I can say this: I have known a LOT of lower-class whites who take every opportunity to blame others for their shortcomings and failures in life, so it's hardly a black-specific quality to refuse personal culpability. The thing to look for is when one is confronted with objectively demonstrable successes among blacks, the response: "That doesn't matter" or "That don't mean nothing" and the like. The categorical dismissal of success disproving one's persecution narrative is the hallmark of evasion.

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Lucifer333 3 months ago

" I have known a LOT of lower-class whites who take every opportunity to blame others for their shortcomings and failures in life" THEY NEED TO BE EXTERNMINATED JUST LIKE ALL THEOTHER ROACH SCUM

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Lucifer333 3 months ago

@cantaffordher: @cantaffordher:".. However, this specific problem far exceeds 'some people,'... SHUT THE FUCK UP .. and here in europe we have entire populations of white blaming other whites who are successfull then them, even though everybody is provided free education, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, WE NEED TO KILL THEM ALL,.., SUBHUMANS NEED TO GO,

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