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Is it bad to have a small dick?

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Published on 28 Oct 2020 / In People & Blogs

A nofap girls response :P

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Sardonic Smile
Sardonic Smile 27 days ago

Aside: she does have beautiful hair.

Females are *More* vain than us. Remember: 80% of men are considered unattractive/ugly. They definitely care about your physique.

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Necatoramericanus 6 months ago

wtf is this crap

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selfworthy 6 months ago


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jimbennett 6 months ago

no, those are not postage stamps in your panties.. They/re the stickers off the bananas. ;)

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Mgtow_economics 6 months ago

I'm sure they prefer normal phenotype men, or men who are above average. I think the average is 5 or 5.5 inches erect.

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DutchCobbler 6 months ago

She says something very interesting:

"The size of a guy's penis doesn't mean the sex is going to be good"

This has been my experience (and not only mine) with hot women, just because a woman is hot doesn't mean they're going to be any good at sex either. A man sees a woman and becomes so infatuated that he's convinced being insider her will feel like paradise, but odds are better than not it won't be anything special, especially with beautiful women, becuse they aren't often criticized and therefore have no reason to improve: sexually, emotionally, intellectually, etc. Too often a man is so excited she's even there to care if she's any good at it.

Hot women doesn't mean hot sex.

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Bagoodman 6 months ago

Oh now i know why i never had a problem picking up weemon at (1:30 ) They can read minds and have x-Ray vision ! And i thought i was just a good looking dude with a big dick . But no they read your mind and know if you watch porn and can see right Through your clothes . I feel so stupid i didn't know that !

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Alpha_Male_Lifestyle 6 months ago

When a woman talks slow that means she's taking time to think about her lies.

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