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Impractical Mechanic's - womens first tire change FAIL

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Published on 12 May 2021 / In Film & Animation

Doesn't ahve a clue. no good asking me to help I regularly drive right past these beacon's of Humsanity if I see one on the roadside!

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Owners Manual. Glove Box......

Just slide the jack under the car, anywhere......

Cringing.... I can't watch this.

No chocks under the wheels. Not on level ground.....

What a stupid cunt.


I have told women these things...

One pulls into the service station where I am eating... and she starts asking the guy who works there, what sort of engine oil should she put in it?

You know the magic red light that glows and says, "No Engine Oil" - is working..

I tell her to get the owners manual and use the oil that is recommended by the manufacturer.

"Ummm wheels, tyres, boot, back seat, head rests, cigarette lighter,....."

No go to the INDEX at the front and look up SPECIFICATIONS.

5 minutes later.....

"Oh it says, use 10W - 30W synthetic blend.... Is that it?"

Does it say to use anything else?

"Ummm no"

Well that must be it, mustn't it.


I will train them on the basics, but I won't do shit for them.

"It's your car, you drive it, it's your responsibility to look after it, and perform basic maintainence and repairs, you fix it".

Flat tyre? Do what everyone else does, read the owners manual and follow the directions.

The fucking brain dead lame brain slut.

Fuck her.

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Councilof1 8 months ago

Everyone has internet why not just search it? Probably a million tutorials on the internet. I really hope she's trolling.

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She is NOT trolling. Most women ARE that fucking brain dead, lazy and useless. They are experts at having to avoid thinking at all costs. Fingering her holes all day - For Sure. Reading an owners manual? No chance.

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Furioso 8 months ago

A strong and independent but not smart woman who don't need a man

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Mustang 8 months ago

#1. First off, you need to run to the store and buy you a decent pair of Jeans!!! Oh thats right, you cant because YOU ARE A FREAKIN' ADULT AND YOU DONT EVEN KNOW HOW TO CHANGE A FREAKIN' TIRE for Petes sake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#2. This just proves that us Boomers criticism of you lazy, WORTHLESS, entitled Millennials and Generation Zeros is entirely justified.
#3. If you had a Husband, perhaps he could show you how to change it.
#4. I'm confused. I thought you women "didnt need no man"???
#5. If you cannot do something as simple as change a tire, how in the name of all thats good and holy, CAN YOU RUN THE FREAKIN' WORLD?!?!?!
#6. Why didn't your Father show you how to change a tire??? Oh thats right, you didn't have a Father in the Home because you were raised by a Single Mother!!!

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Bagoodman 8 months ago

I agree on every point ! Could not have said it better myself . (( We don't need no weemon ! We have good sex bots now )) Lol... 8^)_**

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mrghoster 8 months ago

I see she has a SPACE SAVER spare, A bit like the space in her head!

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Mustang 8 months ago


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