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Idubbbz's "Dangerous Language"

Published on 25 May 2023 / In Gaming

This is my genuine live reaction to the new Idubbbz video "I miss the old Idubbbz"

If you remember last month, I covered Creator Clash 2 drama in the youtube boxing community where IDubbbzTV's charity boxing event "Creator Clash" kicked fighter "Froggy Fresh" off the card in upcoming bout against Chris Ray Gun. Harley Morenstein (of Epic Meal Time fame and Harley Plays) weighed in and gave a strange response.

IDubbbzTV has finally made a response to the Creator Clash 2 drama and IDubbbz's response is not very good. It's all about Sam Hyde's drama with IDubbbzTV and Anisa and Froggy Fresh where the jokes he made where too controversial for the man of former content cop fame. IDubbbz has finally went too far and IDubbbz has Ruined His Career. Tell me your thoughts on the IDubbbz drama and IDubbbz exposed as someone who can't take criticism.

#idubbbz #creatorclash #samhyde #fishtanklive #shorts

In the weeks leading up to Creator Clash 2 — a charity event in which streamers and other internet personalities participate in individual boxing matches — controversy has surrounded the upcoming spectacle.

The event is run by iDubbbz (real name: Ian Kane Jomha), a YouTuber best known for his many comedy video series as well as being the face of several internet memes.

Despite Creator Clash 2 fast approaching, he has been noticeably silent on recent developments surrounding the event.

Musician/comedian Froggy Fresh was recently removed from Creator Clash 2, having previously been announced to be facing off against YouTuber Chris Ray Gun. As of this writing, iDubbbz has not stated an official reason for Froggy's omission, and even Froggy Fresh himself claims to not know the reason.

In a follow-up tweet posted on April 2, Froggy Fresh posited two theories: It was either because of his friendship with controversial internet comedian Sam Hyde or because of his statements about iDubbbz's wife.

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