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I Don't Need Breasts Or Hair To Feel 'Feminine' | SHAKE MY BEAUTY

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Published on 01 Aug 2021 / In People & Blogs

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A MOTHER who has alopecia and recently had a double mastectomy is opening up about how ‘it’s okay to be different’. Professional photographer Marisa from Michigan, USA was diagnosed with alopecia at age nine. She wasn’t given a full reason for her hair loss, only that it may have been stress induced. After years of accepting her body, Marisa found out she had a high risk of breast cancer, and chose to have a double mastectomy in February 2021. She told Truly: "I found out that my percentage for breast cancer and ovarian cancer are high risk. I was still breastfeeding, so I decided once my son was done breastfeeding I was going to have the preventative surgery - because that was going to give me the best chance to watch my son grow up." Marisa has learnt to love her unique body by photographing herself and posting it on Instagram. She said: "My bald head and boobless body is beauty, it’s me.”

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Videographer: Grayson Beras
Producers: Shannon Lane, James Thorne
Editor: Garry Sykes

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InfiniteMushroom 3 months ago

Voluntary baldness on a female is contemptible. In the past, if a woman lost her hair due to some health problem, she'd get a wig and have the decency to put herself together before stepping outside. "A" cup women usually compensate by accenting their best attributes (pretty face, hair, clothing, etc) and they look good. At least those women are trying!

Jewish social engineering has normalized every single aberration and given the cultural shield of victim status to the freaks. Tattoos on a woman is pure trash and no amount of empowerment or affirmation propaganda can change it.

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sardonicsmile 3 months ago

Don't care.
Welcome to a man's world. Only difference is: we can't make a series of youtube videos and get money and inundated with "you go gurrrrl" affirmations.

I say again: Don't care.

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anonmachina 3 months ago

All joking aside, I am impressed with the work of her surgeon—that is one of the cleanest post-opt 'scarring' I have seen on a woman to date (I studied the topic some time ago).

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anonmachina 3 months ago

I recall when I first noticed thinning hair.

I was devastated.

I tried everything to keep my hairline from receding, to no avail.

Anxiety surrounded me. Depression set in. I became distant.

Until, one day, I found the courage to be myself. It was not until that moment that I reached for my hair clippers and cut my hair to the level of a new military recruit.

I felt liberated.

It was as though I had been given a new opportunity to live.

Now I talk to other men about the trauma that men whom succumb to considerable hair loss can suffer.

I plan to expand my online portfolio to help others attain a better, new persona if—or when—that time arrives.


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I am not putting shit on her.... like I would some ding bat feminist....

But just in looking at the photo, she looks more like a sailor, in casual dress, standing on the deck of a nuclear submarine at port.

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InfiniteMushroom 3 months ago

She looks bright-eyed and full of YouGoGurrrrll energy. As a former submariner, every one of us looked tired and smelled bad when we pulled into port!

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