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I'm a 37 Y/O, 6'5" Executive That's Looking For a Partner, Not a Child! | Kevin Samuels Reaction

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Published on 21 Sep 2021 / In Film & Animation

I'm a 37 Y/O, 6'5" Executive That's Looking For a Partner, Not a Child! | Kevin Samuels Reaction

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mrghoster 29 days ago

What is it with women that they think saying they are an executive or some shit is going to attract MAN? Is she looking for a guy she can share her wealth with? Like fuck she is! lol! she just want's someone she can "Free Load" off to keep her money. also why would a MAN want a women with money? He ain't gonna see a penny of it? How does a women being an Executive arouse a MAN? Even a MALE Executive wouldn't be interested in a bitch Executive, after all when the fuck would they have time to be together! lol!

Women today do this all the time, using Masculine trait's to try and attract a MALE? A butch masculine women even in what she does would surely be an instant turn off to a MAN? actually I know why women do this thing? The women see's it as "EQUALITY" she thinks if she can compete with a MAN that is putting them on the same level or "EQUAL"? Yeh Right! lol! AS man would rather have a n 18 year old fucking AIRHEAD than some competing bitch to contend with? lol! At least the "AIRHEAD" would stay dumb enough to get your hands down it's pant's!

It's really fucking IRONIC when you think of it? women bought into all this feminist shit because they "thought" the were Oppressed. OK some MEN were complete Cunt's toward women in the past but it worked both way's? so women gave up a cushy job cooking a couple of meals a day, getting free money from hubby, getting the kid's maybe of to school and then read women's realm whilst the dishwasher and washing machine did her work! lol! I'm a Guy on my own and I'm NOT oppressed by washing up a couple of cups or plate's? Fuck I can even cook properly! I can DRIVE a vacuum cleaner quite well as well! I'm my own perfect "Housewife" lol! so what the fuck would I even need a fefail for/ so the fefail instead of being "Oppressed" in the home, is now a slave to government and needs to hold down two jobs to have a meager living, then that money has to be spent of child care and all the other shit, like fare's or a car to get to work, when in the old days hubby would run her round in THE Family car? Fuck, god rest her soul my MUM had a fucking bicycle to get around on!

Nah the modern fefail has REALLY shot itself in the foot with a Machine Gun, but sytill they moan and groan it's ALL MEN's fault somehow? lol! yet their own arrogance and selfishness and lack of responsibility, (*which may I add I'm sure they are fully aware of), doesn't allow them to even try to fix things with the MALE, or god forbid they get back to what it used to be like (when things were easy by comparison) for the fefail today?

But then I'm MGTOW and a Monk so WTF should I care, I'm enjoying life and comfortable sitting back and watching this fefail disaster unfold before my eye! LOL! Peace Gentlemen.

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gchase 29 days ago

Don't worry, babe.
Kids don't want you either.

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Mustang 29 days ago

Girlfriend, it's not supposed to be a Partnership. The Husband is supposed to be the Leader in the family unit. That's the way God has ordained it.
Also, at 6'5", you are going to have an extremely hard time finding a man taller than you.
Also, at your age, you are going to find it really hard to find a Alpha Male who would be interested in you when he can date a Junior College Hottie.
Also, you had better be careful throwing away good men because I can see a time real soon when no men will be interested in you.
This woman impresses me as a woman who will suck the very life out of a man in a relationship. Hard pass.
Love the way Kevin cuts through the callers B.S..

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