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How do you see yourself?

Published on 31 Jan 2023 / In Entertainment

Did the people you see as Legendary see themselves that way?

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pirania 2 months ago

I am a Suveren, blessed by God, I have no idols and I am not an idol. I am here, have been here and will be here again. The I and the now under God.

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I know I am a legend.... But there are millions of legends, for millions of reasons...
Every day some of us fade into eternity, and others start to blossom and bloom.
One year from now, almost non of us will be remembered by anyone.
10 years from now the ones who remembered us will be gone.
100 years from now, the remains of any records will have vanished.
1000 years from now, we will be nothing more than whispers in the wind.

So live big today.

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James1225 2 months ago

To live in this reality and maintain your morality, ethics, and values is legendary. To speak truth is brave. Maintain your masculinity, it is a miracle…

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Indeed brother plus to keep your sanity and humanity intact and strong takes a Godly Herculean effort as well just to stay on course and not be tempted into giving up or into the pedophiles corruption.

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