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How can a woman collapse the global economy ?

Carl Wassermann
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Published on 27 Mar 2021 / In Comedy

⁣ How can a woman collapse the global economy ?

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CoffeeCat 15 days ago

Is that the same 'strong wind' that supposedly (but not really) knocked Biden over three times? Because, just like that other magical non-existent wind, ALL THE OTHER SHIPS NAVIGATED THE CANAL JUST FINE ON THAT DAY - except for this one that somehow got turned sideways... All the ships that went through just minutes before it was this one's turn had no issue, and all the ships that were coming in, in line behind this one, all of them had no such 'gale-force wind' problems. Hmmmmm. Was this another magic-fairy wind that occurred specifically in that precise spot, for only that precise instant? Has anyone ever heard of this happening before? A mystery wind that forced a ship under power up onto the embankment of the Suez Canal? ...Because I went looking for it and can't find any instances of it ever occurring before...

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AntiCuck82 15 days ago

Damn , that woman is going to crash the economy faster then a video like that would be pulled out of Jewtube

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KEEPER 15 days ago

traffic jam for boats jeez!!

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Hammerhead69 15 days ago

How did she pull that one? yeah and wind is why biden can't walk up stairs.

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KEEPER 15 days ago

just like always, women always need to blame either someone else or something external lol. she more than likely fell asleep at the wheel and lodged the boat on the side. however, there's no mention to a women driving this thing?

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SQUEAK077 15 days ago

I bet she keeps her job if this was a man he would be banned for life.

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Hellrider 14 days ago

Exactly. But since she is a woman, she can do whatever she wants.

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