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How Abusive Women Are Created

Published on 25 Sep 2020 / In Entertainment

⁣This video is about one of Soft White Underbelly's Most popular interviews.

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Washington Post Article on the controversy: https://www.washingtonpost.com..../technology/2020/02/

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Hexeze 24 days ago

This girl could be such a beautiful princess. We have do raise our youth better

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Fangs13 25 days ago

it's not necessary to be physically abused to gain emotional numbness and no longer care about life or death.
emotional and psychological abuse are also leader to the same result.
no desire to do anything, no value or life or in death, in fact you build lots of hatred towards life, towards the humans' cursed race, and towards everything. if someone puts a gun to your head, you'll just calmly smile and ask "shoot" because you fear nothing anymore, and death is the only mercy and salvation that exists .. i can feel this girl very well, not physically but on a psychological level. yeah suicide is the final salvation. especially for people who truly lost all value in everything. suicide is not a selfish act or a criminal act, the society can rape itself with its hatred towards those who finish themselves. we are driven to that end when the cursed world does everything in its power to destroy us. you do realize that the only way to show her mercy now is to let her die. this whore world is not a place for her anymore, it will not change, humans call all those who abused her "monsters" when in reality humans are the monsters not only the abusers.

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Johnny_Cage 26 days ago

She has been through a lot and she should be pitied, but she has definitely either been put up to say most of this or she willingly has lied about her story. Look at her eyes and body language. If you know hood-rats enough, you'll know they lie about everything and they love getting attention. I've been around them enough to know exactly how they operate. The females are always trying to get sympathy from everyone around them, but they have no sympathy for anyone else.

They'll talk shit about you, sabotage you, etc. Ask me how I know; that's why I stay far away from them, and even though I'm Black, I don't trust them or really care about them.

Lol, she wants to be a hairdresser: we all know how fucked-up hairdressers are. There is no way in hell I'm ever going to put my life or safety in jeopardy to even try to help these low-class, self-destructing, embarrassment to my race.

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Hammerhead69 27 days ago

There is more to it than the idea of the arguement. I have been through hell as a kid growing up I stuck around taking the hits for my sibs. Dad had his own abuse issues from childhood and took his problems out on me , mom was just as bad. Oddly I don't harm others I don't thieve .

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Shadow Monk
Shadow Monk 27 days ago

@Think Before You Sleep: Broken families creates abusive parents, Abusive parents creates abusive thots who like BadBoys because of psycho sexuality basically sexual form of Stockholm syndrome where Whamen who had abusive parents now like abusive people.
These are the worst types of women which I despise the most, These are the mothers of modern feminism and female narcissism. Because these crazy and evil bitches which I no longer have sympathy for are the most corrupt and morally bankrupt scumbags.

First they hate niceguys and prefer bad boys because they are damaged cunts. After leaving chad or tyrone they are even more damage so then they go full feminist hating all men which they’ll radicalize their daughters into SJWs and feminize their sons into poor disenfranchised beta simps or Incels which makes me sick to my stomach.

MGTOW and the replacement of whamen are the only way and remedy for all of humanity.

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Metal_X 27 days ago

and some are in this poor girls situation...

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Metal_X 27 days ago

easy... they get the taste of feminaziism and the unfair court system towards white guys....

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