HMT 2021 Finale

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Published on 02 Jan 2022 / In People & Blogs

The final HMT of 2021. Slash and Dash!
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TelepathicRapist 5 months ago

these dudes snapping and killing fefails is becoming more and more common. Its not the right way but it is an indication of deep underlying problems in our society today. Remember, we can take wisdom from these stories from RPM but if you know a man on edge try your best to guide him and remind him the best revenge is living well in this life and the afterlife, so do your best to persevere through these challenging times and never put yourself in a position where a woman has power over you.

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jDAM92 5 months ago

Another HMT episode. A rapper in Cuckafornia decided to put on the mask and self delete. I guess today was the day.

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30203forever 5 months ago

The "ladies" absolutely hate the Red Pill and want their man to be the bluepill simpletons who'd be very easy to manipulate. Well, guess what? The bluepill rage is the flipside of that manipulation so be careful what you wish for because one day you may get it!

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Mgtowbrony 5 months ago

Okay, now I see why there are no graphics. RPM needed to get this HMT out under the wire.

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sauger1001 5 months ago

Wonder if Ric Flair has seen one of these HMT videos.

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