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Hitler and Satan and Russian Philosophy

Published on 07 Oct 2021 / In Film & Animation

This excerpt is from the movie, "The White Tiger" - about a WW2 Tiger Tank that would magically appear, shoot up the Soviet tanks - killing a lot of people, and then magically disappear. It's a good movie at face value, but it's full of nuances and parallel stories. It's both a tank battle movie and it's a stream of concurrent narratives - the not so obvious stories.


A man from Russia explained the issues to me:
He said that at the end it was Hitler talking with Satan, and so I typed out the transcript / discussion exactly.
It was a Russian movie, with Russian script writers, actors, producers and funded by etc. but it was the last half a dozen lines, just really hit me so hard.... it was a blunt observation..... And it was the truth. They start at here onwards. "⁣As long as the Earth revolves around the sun,"

I had to put everything in that came before it, otherwise it would not have made "proper sense", both in the script and in the movie.

⁣Adolf Hiters Speech to Satan.

We have known each other too well for too long.

Too much ties us together. For me to hide my thoughts from you..

The war has been lost. I know it.

It’s not just simply lost. Europe has been routed.

But can you possibly imagine what tomorrow will bring? An unhappy Germany! They will blame her for all her mortal sins. The German people will be the scapegoat for everything.

Thousands of books will be written, thousands of ridiculous documents will be found. Hundreds of memories will be thought up. And we, Germany and I, will be brought before the world, like unprecedented monsters of humanity, like devils incarnate?

But we simply found the courage to carry out what Europe dreamed of doing.

We said: "Since your thinking about it, lets once and for all just do it." It's like a surgical operation, it’s painful at first, but then the body heals. Didn’t we bring about the secret dream of every European citizen? Wasn’t that the principle behind our victories?

After all, everyone realised: the things that they were afraid to tell even their own wives, we announced clearly and openly, as befits a courageous and whole people.

They never loved the Jews! Their whole lives, they were afraid of Russia, that sombre, gloomy country in the east, that centaur, wild and alien to Europe!

I simply said: "Lets solve these two problems, lets solve them once and for all.

Do we really come up with something new? No! We simply brought clarity to those questions for which all Europe was seeking clarity. That is all.

As long as the Earth revolves around the sun, as long as cold and heat, storms and sunshine exist, there will always be struggle, including struggle between people and nations.

If people were to live in heaven, they would rot. Mankind became what it is, thanks to struggle.

War is a natural, ordinary thing.

War is eternal and everywhere.

It has no beginning and no end.

War is life itself.

War is the original human state.


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bigintol03 2 months ago

Damn! That was AWESOME!

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