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Heavyweight Boxer Maurenzo Smith Shot Dead Assisting A Man's Wife - MGTOW

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Published on 15 Aug 2022 / In People & Blogs
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WMHarrison94 2 months ago

Stop helping bitches. They are strong independent liars. They wanted this; by helping them, not only do you put yourself at risk, you are insulting her reminding her she needs the patriarchy. She'll hate you for that.

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CatFoodMillionaire 2 months ago

Not just married females. Any female whose actions put your life in danger. For instance when out on the town she starts an argument with a fella because he complimented her. She's doing this to see how much she controls you, if she can get you to risk your life when she wants.

the movie titanic is another example. females see this as romantic when the badboy decides to off himself, rather than her having to be slightly uncomfortable atop the plank if she has to make room for him.

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AcquireZeal 2 months ago

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Did he think he could bob and weave under a bullet? Shame the whore didn't catch any herself, the man upstairs said both should die.

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mgtowisfreedom2 2 months ago

Good advice. Some man need to control themselves and there dominance instinct because it's literally painting a target on you.

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