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Guys Are Scared of Women -> MGTOW

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Published on 21 Jan 2021 / In News & Politics


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anonmachina 1 month ago

'It'll have to look like an accident'.

'Ensure the body doesn't wash-up on shore'.

'You'll need one and a half gallon of acid--at the least-- to dissolve the body completely in the bathtub..two gallons if you need it done without concern and in considerably less time'.

'If using a weapon, always ensure it is mass-produced and common--preferrably a tool--so as not diminish a significant lead'.

'Slashing can be exiting, but, keeping the body completely intact diminishes the probability of providing vital evidence. Thus, I recommend suffocation, hanging, or 'accidental' electrocution'.

'It is best to never terminate anyone inside a private residence--the setting alone could suffice as evidence to decipher the mystery'.

'Assassination is best served chilling cold. Forget, 'vengence delayed is vengeance denied'--amateurs and movie villans are childish and ignorant to prefer such engagement'.

'Prepare and work alone...and ascend from amidst the darkness when you have been forgotten'.

'If your target of vengeance is unreachable, destroy the one thing--or the person(s) he or she cherishes most. Almost everyone cherishes one thing, or someone, without which, they suffer an inconsolable, yet enduring, 'little death'.

'Never forgive. Should the one whom once made an aytempt to destroy you ask for forgiveness, or help, note that they are himbled by their diminished power at present. Revel in their undoing. Speak not a word. And, if vengeance still inhabits you sufgiciently to compel you to act, plan to assist circumstance, ever so stealthily, to hasten their undoing'.

'Do not forget--you cannot move forward while looking backwards. Should you value yoyr time over all other things, should you prove skilled and capable to ascend to a level of living that will likely render any present or past loss insignificant in comparison, ignoring said losses may be the better decision--time, arrogance, and hubris will provision a vengeance of its own on your enemies'.

I've got nothing else 'off the top of my head'.


Are there any Patrick Bateman fans here?


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ancientsea 1 month ago

I pay attention to this content producer, his sincerity is noteworthy. Unlike so many other content producers who actually charge, or solicit money, from the wounded [ no better than scab prostitutes ], Beck actually did make the effort. When he states so often that females consider men shovels or brute animals he is ''spot-on''. I recall Kat Timph on the FOX Network, Greg Gutfeld Show - at which time she went on about her life...again. The part that struck me was her quib comment, and sentiments, regarding men,. She said, " men don't have that many feelings anyway''. A total justification for the treatment of men as farm livestock.

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Freeatlast 1 month ago

Do not hire women! If at all possible keep away from women in the workplace. They are just a pain in the ass, and a liability.

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Freeatlast 1 month ago

I am indifferent. I have zero patience for 12 year old mentality women that think they are God. I am red pill.
I don’t give a F.
I give nothing out, and I expect the same from women, which is their normal behavior. That is why there is MGTOW. Walk away and don’t play the game!
I am a man. Fuck PC.

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