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Gum commercial exposes female nature | How the girl power movement harms women

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Published on 17 Oct 2020 / In People & Blogs

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Fangs13 1 year ago

he has it all, but she wants even more... at least fire dies off once it consumed its gas.
women are like blackholes they keep eating nonstop and they will never get enough.
if you give her a god, she'll ask for better, if you put between her hands the stars and the moons, the galaxies, and the answer of life, she'll ask for more...
give her the power to create .. and she will not create anything; because she has no idea what she wants to begin with it ...
how about starting with having less ego, less envy, less greed, and more acceptance?
it's always "give me all you've got, but don't expect anything in return" just give give give give give, and then leave! cursed being...

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Alpha Male Lifestyle

very true my ex was very insecure thinking I was going to dump her and I did because she was so toxic.

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