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Published on 19 Jun 2021 / In Film & Animation

TBH, on this website no one needs this. You know the RP, BP etc. Shine the light into other dark corners. Work the veil, work the mass. Do not slip in the process, keep the ego in check. POWER HOUSE MENTAL GORILLA! Undercover diamond mine. Picture the airport scene from the matrix, go in just like that into daily grinds. Stay in check at all times. The 'thing' always gives a test and as usual, we fail that test. Now that we have failed ask the ''thing'' to ingrave that experience into your mind forever. Stop failing all together, it's not very beneficial. ASK FOR THE BEST QUALITY! BE SERVED AND COURTED LIKE A KING!
Find the highest pedastal normie and construct an even higher one, how's that? Do not give me the hippie, hobo, philosopher, long beard stuff. That is a kind of path that would keep a person off the internet all-together.

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