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Grim Rants: This Meatless Crap Doesn't Even Fill Me Up!

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Published on 09 Jan 2021 / In People & Blogs

Game: Shadowgate

This is a small rant about trying some of the healthy options in the grocery store. They absolutely suck. I spent a lot of money and didn't get any real sense of nutrition. In fact, I was super hungry an hour later. This isn't even food as far as I'm concerned, it's a lie.

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MSR82 1 month ago

Plant based foods are poison- plants produce toxins and anti-nutrients to prevent other living organisms from eating them. Most insects that eat plants die almost immediately due to the overload of oxalates and other toxins. So called nutritionists will say that veggies contain loads of vitamins that humans need, problem is those vitamins are fat soluble, meaning they have to be consumed with fat in order to get the full effect. Factor in the toxins and eating vegetables are not worth it. Veggies are 95% water and 5% carbs- none of that shit is going to fill you up with anything but toxins that fuck up the body over time.

So many other things that were advertised as foods do the same damage to humans- nuts, corn, soy, kale, beans, seeds, anything with high amounts of fiber. All these foods cannot be digested properly by the human body or get adequate nutrition from them- it is why people get so gassy after trying to eat a lot of this so called food.

Meanwhile, animal fat and protein are filled with nutrients that are easily digestible by the human body- saturated fat and cholesterol are essential for us to survive and thrive. Mainstream media and the FDA have convinced us that red meat and fat and cholesterol are horrible for us/causes cancer and convinced us to load up on veggies, carbs and sugar- that is a load of horseshit. Animal fat is nutrient dense and satiates hunger. If you can afford it please get grass fed beef and dairy, pasture raised eggs, forest fed pork- much better for you than conventional farms where animals are treated poorly and fed corn and soy to fatten them up quickly. Chicken is decent but lacks the fat needed to truly satiate your hunger. Enjoy your red meat, dairy and eggs gentlemen- your body will thank you.

Also, cook your food in butter, not vegetable oil.

Edit: addendum to cholesterol- our liver produces 2000mg of it per day. If cholesterol is so bad for us why TF does it produce so much of it everyday? If you consume a lot of cholesterol in a day the body will balance things out by producing less that day. Cholesterol is needed for the body.

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tarknan 2 months ago

Often food that's plant based has a lot of carbs which might be why you get hungry soon after. Issues with allergies, inflammation or digestion are often treated by removing simple sugars, which are in a lot of plants. What you end up with is mostly meat and leafy greens. Of course everyone is different and so are their needs. As for religion; veganism is a religion.

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Johnny_Cage 2 months ago

Yep. The commerical food industry [Big Food] loads thigs up with high FRUCTOSE corn syrup. That can cause the body to negatively react to the natural fructose found in fruits and some veggies. It's probably intentional, knowing the evil of the Deep State and Big Business.

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