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Grim Rants: The Grim Lord On Trial! Why Should You Listen To Me?

Grim Lord's Games & Rants
Published on 25 Feb 2021 / In People & Blogs

Game: Hollow Knight

Drexel of The Migtown Podcast (You can check them out either here or on YouTube) said in a conversation a week or so ago that red pill men should have to prove themselves to show that they know what they're talking about. Though you may like my content, you may not really know me and that's what I'm here to do. Here I explain the kind of life I've lived, what I've learned and why I don't want you making the same mistakes.

I'm allowing you to put me on trial and giving you the option as to whether or not you still want to follow me and my content here. I think it is important that we know each other enough that we can decide whether or not a man knows what he's talking about.

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