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Grim's Visual Novel Corner: Sakuranomori Dreamers Pt. 8: A Dish Best Served Cold!

Grim Lords Games And Rants
Published on 23 Sep 2021 / In Gaming

Game: Sakuranomori Dreamers (MangaGamer)

It's the moment you've all been waiting for. The first night was merely an introduction to the dream world, but the night after soon enveloped into a battle between our heroes Shinji and Kureha as they take on the insane cannibal chef, Moriyasu!!

Will Kureha survive or will she be turned into a restaurant special? Find out in the thrilling conclusion to this story arc! This was the most fun I've had narrating a visual novel by the way. It's not perfect, but I had a damn fine time doing it!

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