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Grim's Visual Novel Corner: Fatal Twelve Pt.5: This JoJo Looking Bastard Wants To Yeet Babies!?

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Grim Lords Games And Rants
Published on 11 Nov 2021 / In Gaming

Game: Fatal Twelve (Sekai Project)

Apologies for the length on this one, but I cut it at just the right point, so we will get right back to it immediately next week. Anyway, an unexpected number who looks like he should be a stand user appears and says that if he doesn't get the card information, he's gonna start yeeting babies! Might be wise to not wait for divine judgment and yeet this bastard yourself, Rinka. Just pick up something heavy and hope you can knock him out with it. Unless this guy's a fucking Shonen character or something and his head is as hard as steel!

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