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Gen Z College Female Athletes: Seggs Sells!

Published on 11 Nov 2022 / In Entertainment

Thanks for viewing my YouTube Channel. Today, we are talking about relationships.

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0:00 - Show Intros
5:59 - Showtime: Opening Monologue
8:08 - Today’s Topics
11:37 - *_HOW TO DONATE TO CGA💵_*
12:08 - 🔴How To Find Coach’s Live Streams
16:42 - 💰Donations #1: Therapy Is The New Weapon
23:26 - People Don’t Want To Work No More
27:05 - We Are All Under Some Sort Of Hypnosis
31:14 - Brittany Spears Is DONE!
32:20 - 🔴Is This One Of Those Successful Relationships?
39:28 - Chris Evans Head To The Junior College!
44:03 - Woman Tries To Run Game And Gets REJECTED!
50:11 - Men Will Not Approach Women Anymore
51:19 - 💰Donations #2: The Wall Is Undefeated
54:26 - Men Are Going Beyond Thick.. Get You A Flat Back
1:01:40 - Can You Buy YouTube $ubs?
1:03:10 - 🔴Black Women Are Enjoying Their Soft Girl Era, White Women Are…
1:20:06 - Who Does This Man Sound Like?
1:36:43 - It’s Time To get Belly Deli
1:38:13 - 💰Donations #3: Don’t Date Normies
1:42:49 - Women Do NOT Bring Tangibles To Men
1:45:43 - Without This Women Can Never Manipulate Men
1:53:08 - We Are All Playing Natures Game
1:56:56 - 🔴The Monetized Gen Z Women In College Athletics: Seggs Sells
2:27:19 - 💰Donations #4: Gen Z Women Are For Lease & Rent
2:29:09 - Losers Are In The Past… Start Grinding
2:31:42 - Gen Z Women Are Going To Get A Bag
2:42:09 - The Black Community Is Done
2:47:20 - Men Have To Depend On Order.. Women Don’t
2:50:27 - Women Face Zero Accountability For Lying On Men
2:53:47 - Old People Cannot Change Society.. It’s Young People
2:58:38 - Married Game Artists Need To Retire
3:00:38 - Delusional Monkey-Symps Are The PROBLEM

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