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Games & Rants (8/28/20) Episode 29: It's YOUR Fault That Only Fans Exists, Say Black Pilled

Grim Lord's Games & Rants
Published on 29 Aug 2020 / In People & Blogs

Are you a libertarian or independent? Then you're the one being blamed by black pilled puritans for the existence of Only Fans. Apparently you were supposed to stand outside the site's offices and claim they were immoral or some other crap.

I also went off about incels and femcels again, though this is really damn passionate and you're gonna hear a lot of clicking and clacking because I'm playing a shmup and I'm focused on that as well as these rants. If you can't get over all the clicking and clacking, my apologies, but this is me at my best. Audio only.

And I suck at Ghouls & Ghosts. 😆

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Make a rom hack of Ultima: Exodus and have it be named Baltimore: Sexodus

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