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Games & Rants (2/3/21) Alt-Tech & The Science Of Love!

Grim Lord's Games & Rants
Published on 03 Feb 2021 / In People & Blogs

Game: Hardboiled Chicken (3D effects may work in the video if you have red and blue 3D glasses. They did work in the game.)

Today we talk about the alt tech revolution and the science of love and brain chemicals.

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Shadow Monk
Shadow Monk 1 month ago

I heard that high levels of serotonin alone can lower the sex drive but won’t pair with other chemicals probably not.

So I had the idea of creating a new testosterone type of drug that can act both as serotonin and testosterone simultaneously improving the mood as well as the confidence + increasing masculinity while diminishing the sex drive.

Say hello to Testron the new concept drug with both roles as a hormone and antidepressant that can replace both testosterone and serotonin.

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Grim Lord's Games & Rants


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RickyLux 2 months ago

My point of view on loli-cons and nazis are as follows: I really don't care either way, so long as the moral code is followed. My code of morality is pretty easily followed, least the basic requirements for us to coexist. If those loli-cons aren't abusing actual children and those Nazis aren't actually slaughtering innocent people i could care less what they do for example. It's not my concern because it's not my life.

However, what IS my concern is people attacking them simply for espousing those things. So on principle of freedom i will defend those having that freedom violated irrespective of whether i agree with what they believe or not if i can do so. Because attacking them basically means you are attacking me. So i respond as such. It's a situation of you fuck with one of us you fuck with ALL of us kind of thing to me. We need to do this, or those who aim to censor and harm us will win. Bottom line, if you aren't willing to go to war for your rights. You don't deserve to have them. I am an absolutist(IE believing in absolutes.) in that regard, you either are willing to fight to maintain what you have or you lose it. So in that whole respect, i can't help but take a chunk out of assholes who aim to silence and attack anyone purely to stifle their freedom to do so if i can.

I am personally not a hardcore loli-con. I mean sure i think Rory Mercury is smoking hot and chicks like her, but i don't exactly get a hard on for children. Lol. I also don't exactly identify fully with the Nazis, but i can understand them. There is some truth to the absolutist stance. But it's not where i stand fully politically. I am a freedom first type of person, and while i do like stability too it comes second. Because to me, if i can't be free. Then i rather die. And i'll die swinging, too. I know i will. I've gotten into bloody violent fights for less. I don't have issue with those who rather be a slave, but i do have issue if they lie to themselves over that fact of themselves.

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thompson45 2 months ago

from my posting on element, I looked to how women viewed men to better understand what is a man (on a species level) from a different angle
from my reading especially with Dr. Chivers, was covered years ago by another mgtow, but the study basically said men were turned on by videos of a naked women walking on a beach (because they desire youth/fertility and body markers are the cues)
which you can extrapolate releases the chemicals
whereas the women were not turned on, the control video was of the snow cap mountains, they were no more turned on by a naked man walking than a mountain
but were turned on by baboons having sex
what I extrapolated and based on my anecdotal observations of my body language/ interactions is women are turned on by acts that reflect male characteristics of strength and dominance

so the part when you said women when leaving college play the field, it's mainly because they aren't satisfied with the man they're currently with not because they just feel like playing the field but because they're seeking out new partners that reflect traits they desire (trigger) new partners they know lose and attraction is higher only because of animosity

what backs up my observations is the consensus of mammalian reproductive strategies of pack oriented species, it's not the biggest antlered buck that reproduces but the one that wins
the female submits to the one that wins (dominates) and through a show of strength copulation occurs
ie why women will sleep with bad boys or be married to a billionaire but sleep with a lowly pool boy
it's not status, looks, money, power, these are all characteristics that relate to what triggers the chemicals
why there an ugly guy can "score" with women contrary to what the incel community says

when they say that 99% of men do nothing for them, they aren't lying
men just by design of our civilized society has made/allowed weak men rampant
nature would weed out the weak and survival groups would make the capable men more strong
how it works is, lust and attraction, than attachment, but with our changing societal norms such as integrated workforce and dynamics, it has created alot of confusion and higher divorces

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7vqRbScCIPU colttaines video on attraction
he cites tinder/dating profiles, it's not exactly fair to women, they are only capable of basing attraction only on looks/what they write but not their behavior
they filter the vast supply of men with filters of money/good looks as that will better indicate a superior reproductive partner demonstrating strength and dominance whereas men will value only indicators of fertility (fit/young)

women will answer what they want
literally that's it

hope this helps

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