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French ex-soldier back from Ukraine denounces his country's arming of Azov fighters

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Published on 21 May 2022 / In News & Politics

A former French soldier who recently served as a medical volunteer in Ukraine has raised questions over his country's supplies of weapons to Kiev, claiming it helps legitimize the far-right Azov group.

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InfiniteMushroom 1 month ago

This is a complicated conflict of ideologies. It's not the usual two-sided war.

Azov is fighting for the rights of WHITES in Ukraine and Europe in general. They are doing a Holy and Righteous Work by fighting the degenerate and hate-filled Jews who run Ukraine. *YET* they are fighting on the side of the Ukrainian puppet regime that was installed by a CIA-Mossad coup d'etat! That makes no sense at all.

Then you have Russia which is fighting Jewish aggression in Ukrainian uniform. You'd think that Azov would strike a deal with Putin and stand down while Russia cleans out ZOG from Kiev and restores the legitimate government of Viktor Yanukovych or somebody he had nominated to succeed him if he died in exile.

Had Azov cooperated with Russia, the criminal Jew regime would have been overthrown by now and Azov would have earned a place in the new regime. Putin could have told them to limit their activities to civic and political action to preserve the rights of White Slavic peoples, including the Russians living in the eastern Oblasts.

I have no doubt that Poland is eyeing Ukraine as well and would like to recover some of its old lands. ZOG-NATO might support them as a second proxy to muddy things up even more.

Ukraine is being used as a proxy battlefield by ZOG to wear down Russia. Russia would have won the war by now if they had totally bombed all roads, railroads, bridges, and any other supply routes that are maintaining Ukrainian forces from the outside.

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