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Forget About Friends, Status, And Being Cool

Jo The Philosopher
Published on 14 Nov 2021 / In Entertainment

⁣The Book Of Values: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09KMMWW2T

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SchemeHub 13 days ago

The issue, the problem and the bullshit is that if you like to move around, sometimes certain places have an anti-solo people policy. Basically the bullshit is not even worth the possible negative energy. Eating out for example but there are others as well. The solution to this problem is ''i m a g i n a t i o n'' and a touch of balls. With time I assume, people can get used to any circumstance, it's simply about how much one can get out of it, the brush stroke.

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mrghoster 14 days ago

After decades of lie's and deception from so called friends I eventually found the best friend I'm ever likely to have?..."ME"! I'm no narcissist at all. I'm often told I'm selfish usually by women, who naturally are the experts at SELFISHNESS! lol! but no I'm NOT selfish, I've simple discovered MYSELF and I'm NOW playing CATCH UP, for all the decades of wasted life I gave to other asshole's! And do you know what? I am the hsppiest I've been to date in my whole life.

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Shadow Monk99
Shadow Monk99 15 days ago

@Jo The Philosopher:

As a special shout out brother: love & cheers friend ; )


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