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Force Gaming and the Blue Pill Marriage Mentality

Published on 17 Sep 2020 / In Film & Animation

Produced by Stardusk
Not all blue pillers are equal, which is to say there are different mentalities when it comes to marriage and some are more careful and cautious than others. Force Gaming might be in for a real surprise...

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Subverted Group
Subverted Group 1 month ago

It's nice to hear a voice of reason which has golden dulcet tone. While we may genuinely care about Force Gaming and others like him, it is a hard fact that we all inherit different aptitudes. What you are talking about in this case, is the inherited aptitude of high foresight. Let's put it this way -- there is an old aphorism which states, those who fail to plan, plan to fail. We hold this truth to be self-evident -- that Force Gaming has inherited very low foresight. That means that he does not have prudence about the future. He does not grasp the concept of any real planning, nor does he (as no blue pillers do) understand the concept of consequences.

This will doom him in the end. Of course, there is a small random chance that it won't, but in the world of the Bell Curve and standard deviation, the chances of long term success are very dim. There are several components to this.

The best definition of love involves someone caring about your future. In the world of the entitled western woman, this is a total nonstarter. These predators only see their prey. They don't care about what damage will occur to their prey as they devour them. As far as they are concerned, they are only in it for what they can get out of it. It' is not a partnership. It is parasitical arrangement.

As long as Force Gaming provides what his 'girl friend' wants, things will be fine. Of course, "I'm not happy" from a woman means that she's cheating. The mistake men make is that they assume cheating is only about cheating on them with a man or another woman. No, it's not. Women betray men in a multiple selection of ways, starting with talking and gossiping about the men behind their back. It's bragging rights and complaining. The moment that begins, she's betrayed the man. It also means that she has done something that will make her very unhappy. So if a woman tells you she's unhappy, it's because of something she's done. She will lie to you. She will pretend. She will put on an act.

But when it is over and you are an eviscerated husk, she will leave you and leave you bereft. A predator does not care about its prey.

And this guy -- this Force Gaming -- won't see it coming. He can't. He doesn't have foresight. She will get everything for nothing and he will be left with nothing. It's a "don't feed the bears" situation. When you go to a National Park, there are signs up which say, "Don't Feed the Bears". Sure, the bears look cuddly and cute. They look so charming and appealing. You feed them. They are happy. Then they get hungry. You run out of food. They become angry. Then they will tear you apart.

Same thing.

Doomed. Doomed, I say.

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Alpha Male Lifestyle

he looks like a simp he'll be taken to the cleaners

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